Company Policy


Modifications or cancellations on the part of the customer are not accepted when the printing of the products has started by the company. In case of timely notification, a modification may be accepted, at the same time charging for the work produced so far.


  1. The goods are deliverable at the seller’s headquarters. In any other case, they are transferred on behalf and under the responsibility of the buyer, except for a written agreement or contract.


  1. Any dispute regarding the receipt, quality, quantity and value of the goods received must be made in writing and within two working days of receipt. Otherwise, it will be presumed that the goods were received unconditionally, even if the accompanying item was not signed by the buyer for any reason.


  1. The invoice is paid within the time period agreed in the Order Form. In any case, it must not exceed 90 days from the date of issue of the Delivery Note, unless this is explicitly mentioned in the order form. Any additional delay is charged with the legal interest.
  2. Each payment is proven only with a special written receipt of the seller company or, after a relevant agreement, with a bank receipt deposit in the seller’s account with a relevant reference of the paid invoice to it.
  3. Until the full repayment of the price, the prefecture and the ownership of the sold remains in the selling company. The delay in the payment of the price gives the seller the right to demand the full payment of the price in addition to the legal interest on arrears and expenses.


  1. The buyer fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this contract of sale upon receipt of this item.
  2. Any change in the terms of this contract is made only in writing.
  3. The Courts of Athens are competent for any dispute regarding this contract.

Terms of agreement


The client must give the company the original material (material for models or finished work closed pdf) and clearly explain what exactly he wants to receive by filling out the work form. In case the customer delivers material to become creative:

  • Read the text to be corrected slowly and carefully and parallel it with the manuscript to avoid the risk of skipping verses or even a paragraph.
  • Because the writing and proofreading of the texts is done mechanically by the operator, be aware that mistakes can be made even in the obvious. The responsibility for the omission of corrections lies solely with the corrector and not the company. If you still do not have the time or the mood, then ask us for the services of our correctors.
  • SOS: Essay of parallelism and comparison is not the manuscript or any electronic or physical model brought by the customer, but the final essay produced by the company’s studio. Closed files accompanied by a digital or analog essay are excluded. Especially in the field of printing, a color essay is only a certified essay (eg Fogra certification), and not Laser, Inkjet, etc. prints.
  • To give the print, sign the final essay before delivery to the studio or send it electronically.
  • The Company “Lychnia” reserves the right to place its logo or site on the produced form, discreetly on the back of the form, unless a special written agreement has been made with the customer.
  • The original materials (books, cd, films, etc.) after the end of the work, are not kept in the company. If you want them returned to you, please arrange on delivery and receipt (complete a delivery-receipt protocol: Form Not 24), otherwise they will be destroyed. The above is valid only in case there is no Shipping Card).
  • The Company “Lychnia” is not responsible for the copyright of material provided by the customer.

Quality Policy

The company considers that the achievement of the predetermined and measurable goals goes through the satisfaction of its customers, the continuous improvement of its processes and the training and development of the staff.

Produces and sells products satisfying customer requirements and expectations.

The quality of the products provided by it must be in the center of interest of every employee in the company.

Each department of the company has, in relation to the quality of the products produced and the services provided, the corresponding responsibility, as the quality also comes from the skill of the persons who act during the sale, the making of the models and the production of the final products.

The staff is constantly trained to adapt to the modern requirements of the market, the customers, the new products produced by the company, the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the executed processes and the ways of achieving the goals set by the company.

The goals of the company that concern the improvement of the efficiency of the implemented S.D.P. are set, audited and reviewed annually during the review by the business quality board. The quality policy is reviewed and, if necessary, reviewed by the quality council.

The company is committed to supporting with material means and human resources (if required) the quality objectives that are set each time and to communicate its quality policy as well as the legal-regulatory framework in which it must operate, to all staff.

Finally, the company has the requirement from everyone to actively contribute to the satisfaction of customer requirements and to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of its processes.

The administration