Corrugated Boxes – Straight Line Gluing

Type: Heavy-duty packaging longitudinally glued with tuck flaps that fold. Comes in two styles:

a.Corrugated cardboard

b.Laminated corrugated cardboard (attached to plain cardboard)

Shipped flat.

a.Corrugated cardboard (Ε – Β – ΕΒ flute)
b.Laminated corrugated cardboard (Ε – Β – ΕΒ flute) attached to cardboard (e.g. BR, RKR,GC1)

Printing technique – Finish:
a.Digital printing or Serigraph, die-cutting
b.Printing of all types, lamination, spot varnish, hot foil stamping, embossing

Ideal for packaging

  • Ε-shops delivery
  • Tools
  • Construction materials
  • Industrial tools
  • Transit packaging
  • Glassware


Projects using this box style