Thesauri Caviar
Caviar Ice Βox
Packaging Innovation Awards GOLD

THESAURI, located in northwestern Greece, is one of the few companies in the world producing sturgeon and caviar. The Company’s products own an outstanding quality that supports them in their worldwide expansion and presence. The Company’s presence in international markets created the need for a premium, functional packaging which would preserve the superiority of the product.

A premium transit bag-shaped packaging sheltering an ice-box was the suitable answer to the brand’s demands. The waterproof inner part, where the ice box is placed, is covered with papago paper, preserving the product for quite a long time without any damages to both the product and the packaging.

The tray included is custom-built and designed in order to firmly hold the ice box and the metallic container and, at the same time, carry an ivory spoon. The tray is mounted on a cardboard and the same material is used for the lid. The packaging is banded with two cardboard strips that form a handgrip.

The packaging received the Golden Award in Packaging Innovation Awards 2019.


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