John S.Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
Ceramic Gift Box

A gift to clients and partners is always a good idea!

A prominent way to show your gratitude and respect to those who deserve it and an excellent way to promote your identity.

Considering these, we developed a gift box for John S.Latsis Public Benefit Foundation on the occasion of the release of the documentary series “The Journey of Food”. The series presents in 5 hourly episodes the 500.000-year history of the Mediterranean Diet.

A rigid box with a discreet magnetic closure was developed to showcase hand-made ceramic reproductions of ceramic plates used in different centuries to serve food and a brochure presenting the series and the description and history of the ceramics collection. Precious gifts inspired by the precious Mediterranean history all presented in a gift box capable of preserving their preciousness.

When the box opens the lid remains open to highlight the content.


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