Meteora Museum of Natural History and Museum of Mushrooms
Chocolate Bars Packaging

The range of chocolate bars with wild mushrooms is not only a rare delicacy and a new generation of chocolates but also a range of original products with high nutritional value.

Wild mushrooms delicately covered with dark or milk chocolate and masterfully seasoned with olive oil, thyme, citrus fruit, sesame seed, flower of salt, saffron, cannabis deserved packaging that would emphasise the products originality and communicate the Museum’s identity.

For these extraordinary chocolate bars we designed and produced packaging that would preserve the precious materials, designate the unique combination of the ingredients and reflect the image of the Museum.

The transparent window integrated in the packaging was created to give customers a “preview” of the product’s experience.

The kids’ chocolate with the 2D chocolate mushrooms included in the range was given its own unique identity by using handmade illustrations of Meteora, the location of the Museum.


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