Luxury Promo Box Beessentials Oils
Packaging Awards 21-Gold

Apivita Beessential Oils cosmetics range is literally  the quintessence of nature perfectly designed with bee products and essential oils. The Luxury Promo Box that would accommodate the Face Oil and Day Cream had to not only express the unique character and the high specifications of the products but also communicate the Brand Values ​​with dignity.

For this exceptional range, we proposed to “capture” all those elements that characterize the products in a luxurious “oyster” packaging in a honeycomb shape that denotes the basic ingredients. The two products were placed on a “pedestal” to emphasize technological superiority.

Additionally, the internal hidden magnets used to hold the side elements on a designated position, were placed not only to technically support the opening and closing of the box but also support visually the quality of the elixir  “magnetizing” the moisturizing ingredients. 

Opening the box the side polyhedra are fixed in a specific position creating an impressive result. The side panels were held in place by hidden magnets of different shapes and sizes as well as different magnetic forces.

The packaging received the Golden Award in Packaging Innovation Awards 2021.



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