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Today, more than ever before, sustainability is becoming increasingly important for both brands and consumers.

At Boxyfine we are committed to providing you with solutions for creating sustainable packaging, but also to embracing sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Packaging Solutions


Demonstrating our commitment to sustainable forest management, we participate in the FSC® chain of custody and are certified for using FSC-certified paper for the production of boxes and packaging.

The Forest Stewardship Council®(FSC®) is a reputable, international non-governmental and non-profit organization founded in 1993 to promote sustainable management of the world’s forests. To further enhance the knowledge on the benefits of using FSC ®certified products, the Council has developed an impact calculator which computes the environmental footprint that can be reduced when using products of certified forestry.

Using FSC®  certified paper in the production of your packaging, you contribute to the protection of the environment from irresponsible deforestation, ensuring that the trees used in the production of the paper are replaced or naturally regrow.

In addition, you can rest assured that the FSC® certified paper you will use:

  • Is produced with certified raw materials and originate from well-managed forests, in certified production facilities.
  • Has been traded only through partners involved in the certified chain of custody

Sustainable Business Practices

“Green” Orientation

We adopt practices complying with procedures and policies set by national and European legislation and international standards (ISO 14001: 2015)

Paper recycling

All paper and cardboard resulting from each production stage is gathered and separated. Then, all paper waste is forwarded to a recycling plant to ensure that the whole process is carried out efficiently.

Responsible waste and chemicals management

All waste that results during the process of creation and implementation of your boxes (photographic processing, printing, etc.) is collected and stored in specially designed storage areas and underground watertight tanks until collected by certified partners who take care of the segregation and responsible disposal. Thus, we are sure we reduce the environmental burden.

Even paint bins and other disposables used in the production process of your boxes are collected and forwarded to a certified company for recycling.

Energy Saving

To further reduce our environmental footprint and save more energy, we also have installed a photovoltaic roof system at our premises.

Safe work environment

Safe Work Environment

Health and Safety procedures in our workplace

In our facilities we follow specific procedures and protocols for the use of the mechanical, electrical and firefighting equipment as well as, policies and processes for the safety and health of our people and their personal protective equipment (PPE).

We regularly carry out noise measurements to maintain low noise levels both inside and around the production plant, and measurements to ensure the protection of our people against the risks arising from exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Socially sustainable practices

Adhering to the principles of sustainable development and responsible business practices, we use the EcoVadis methodology to ensure the employment of sustainable practices and processes throughout our supply chain. This methodology uses 21 criteria, grouped into four themes: Environment, Labor Practices and Human Rights, Good Business Practices and Sustainable Procurement. These four pillars express our commitment to business ethics and sustainability.